Implement These Four Things Now to Attract More Clients

New CustomersDo you want to grow your client base while providing the best service possible and increasing your financial security? You know you have a prime IT company staff, your services are top-notch, and you completely understand your potential clients’ needs. All you require is an increase in visibility to place your company above others in the market.

IT marketing techniques might not be something you’ve paid much attention to because you’re not sure where to start. Here are four simple tactics to implement right now to see an increase in client queries and signed contracts:

  1. Benefits, benefits, benefits.
    Your role as an IT managed service provider isn’t to sell products or their features. That’s secondary to your main mission. To attract more clients, you need to produce solid information on the benefits you provide to those interested in outsourcing IT management. Feel the pains they’ve encountered and honestly relate your situations. Think of the vacuum salesperson who sold vacuums not by describing the products themselves but by explaining the improved health benefits of maintaining carpet vitality. Promote your service benefits — such as improved security, competitive advantages of using current and efficient technology, as well as less time maintaining systems and more time maintaining users — rather than your service or product features.
  1. Add to your content library.
    Content is KingMany organization leaders use digital content to expand their growth and increase market visibility. Technology buyers search for information before they buy, and having content available to them — regardless of where they’re at in the process — puts you in the best position to be top of mind when they’re purchase-ready. Learn keyword and search engine optimization (SEO) concepts to keep your content active and ranked high across search engines. If possible, dedicate a member of your team to this marketing task.
  1. Keep connected with your potential clients.
    Buying happens in phases, which is especially true in the IT industry. It can take many contacts to solidify a contract. Therefore, offering many options for potential clients to contact you for information is extremely important. Think beyond a phone number, which almost always goes to voicemail, or an email address, which delays response. Offer instant messaging or social media connections to give clients easy opportunities to obtain more information or speak one-on-one with your representatives. Visitors coming to your site for the first time are typically not ready to purchase, so you should give them a variety of ways to stay connected with your company. You could ask them to answer questions, share posts, take part in social media conversations, or join your email list for more content. Whatever you decide, make it easy for them to act on your offers by presenting them with urgency as well as actionable, easy-to-click buttons.
  1. Be prepared.
    Potential clients don’t want to hear “I don’t know” or “I’ll get back to you when I have an answer.” They want to be sure you have the answers they’re looking for when you offer them your IT outsourcing services. If you don’t have the answers, have another person on your team ready with the information. Speak with assurance. Should the client not be interested, he or she may still refer you to another organization if he or she knows you’re up to the task.

[cta]These are four simple IT marketing techniques you can implement today. I’ve been helping IT clients attract potential customers and develop more business with predictability for over twelve years. Watch my video case study to learn how to unlock engagement, get attention from your ideal customers, and grow your business faster.[/cta]

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