For Software/IT Businesses: Improve Your Profit & Lower Cost Per Acquisition By 25% – 75%

Imagine having a complete list of the people who are considering buying your services. Seriously imagine that. I am talking about knowing, by name who exactly is thinking about exchanging their money for the exact service you provide. How would that change your business or profit?

Currently, right now you are wasting your marketing budget on individuals who are not looking for your services.

The reason you are wasting 90% of your marketing budget is that you have to test and optimize for those who are in need of your services. For those of you who don’t have a large enough budget, you are getting outdone by the competition who does.

So what you are doing is marketing to a haystack looking for the needles.

What if you could market only to the needles. Not only could you market to the needles, but you could market to them anywhere, online, offline, direct mail, telemarketing.

I have the ability to tell you how many people are in-market actively pursuing what you sell. Not only can I tell you how many, but I can tell you by name, not only can I tell you by name, but I posses the ability to advertise to them on any single ad channel that I want; so we will never be at the mercy at a powerful ad channel like facebook or google. And there is no one else out there that can do what I do.

My name is Michael Kearse; I am a Client Acquisition Expert for software & IT businesses. I help software & IT businesses get more clients faster with digital marketing.

I have so many case studies available, there are too many to name here. But you may see some below here.

Imagine cutting your cost per sale by 25% – 75% percent
The ability to recognize prospects by name before anyone one of your competitors so you can build that relationship and trust 1st.

Advertise only to the needles, while your competitors only advertise to the haystack

Know every potential buyer that visits the top of the funnel. I call it InFunnel Leads.

The ability to market to them anywhere; no longer subject to Adwords or Facebook.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are seeing this. What I am able to do today with the bleeding edge technology that I have at my disposal will drastically shift business in this industry. If you do not act now and learn how you could leverage this for your business, your competitor might.

If what I have said makes sense to you, schedule some time with me now, or click the link below, enter your information and watch the case study. I must warn you, what I can do will only be available to those in specific geographical areas. So if you one of your competitors get to this 1st. It will be too late.

To your success,


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