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See What My Clients Have To Say

“We saw positive results from the campaign we did with Michael for the first few weeks. These marketing efforts resulted in 3 new clients. We’re also happy with the explainer promotional video that was created as a result of the campaign.”

Nako M. (Fintech Recruiters)

“While feeling quite jaded toward marketing people, I received a marketing message from Michael that directly spoke to my pain point in a way that told me he got it, so I hired him. His strategies are now producing 10-14 booked phone calls per week! In our 30 year history, I have never seen such a thing. We are well on the way to doubling our revenue this year. I highly recommend Michael for all of your marketing needs!”

Lance K. (Keene Systems Inc.)

“Michael has helped to bring us into the modern era for digital marketing. I’m very appreciative of his ability to breakdown this new era of cloud-everything and put a simple process (simple for me to understand) in place that allows us to reach more customers. We will continue to utilize his services.”

Dedrick B (STATEMENT Corp.)

“If you are searching for highly targeted connections and leads for your technology business you’ve found a stellar resource in Michael. Michael is a consistent “tackle-the-challenge” personality that delivers for his customers. He is diligent and focused on getting results always. Michael is not only a total professional, but a relaxed, steady, and fun guy to have in your court helping push your business to the next level!”

Shawn B. (Sebago Partners LLC)

“We have a scoping meeting set up just after 1 week of running the campaign, with a high likelihood of converting.”
“Just the onboarding session alone has been worth the investment. We now have a clear understanding of who are target market is and our core message.”

Robert S. (Custom Software IT Consulting Firm)

“Not only was I able to land a new deal worth about $50k, my team and I also understand strategically where we can be a market leader in mobile and web app development.”

Dhawal S. (Cutom Web & Mobile Development Firm)

“I just got my 1st paying client today for on a monthly retainer. He drilled me for 3hrs but I wasn’t quitting. All thanks to your LinkedIn tricks.”

Anna Z. (Chirolab Digital)

“Just 3 days running, booked 3 calls this week. Your strategies are the best.”

Charles L. (ROI Focused Systems)

“I can’t wait for Monday. I have 2 calls scheduled and another for Wednesday and this is from my 1st day of running the campaign and I still have not followed up on yesterdays.”

Kristen Z. (Property Leads For You)

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