9 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns

9 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns

Using social media to market your products and services is an excellent way to get more business. The idea is to give your audience useful and valuable content to consume that teaches, informs and excites them enough to want to answer your call to action.


Post on Days and Times Your Visitors Read and Interact Most – Use analytics to determine when your audience is most likely to read and interact with your content. Then, try to focus most of your promotions during those times.

Post More Than Once – Don’t post the information just once. Each social network has different personalities, but for the most part you should post anything you’re promoting more than once. How you spread it out depends on the network and how your audience engages on that network.

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Post in Formats Your Audience Prefer – If your audience prefers blog posts in text to video, then you should give them what they want. You can use your analytics inside the platform to find out. You can run tests with the same content in different forms to see what people like most. You can also poll your audience.


Make Sharing Your Content Simple with Share Buttons – You want your audience to share your blog post content to their social media accounts too. Therefore, offer many options and choices of social media share buttons for them to choose from.

Lead Your Audience to Your Blog or Website – It’s okay to share other people’s content if it’s relevant. However, when you share your own content, ensure that it originates on your own blog, then share it on the social network with an appropriate blurb. That way you bring traffic to your site and boost conversions.

Improve Your Headlines – The first thing your audience sees aside from images is the headline of your post. Work on optimizing the headline by ensuring you use the right keywords that tell the audience what’s inside without trickery.

Social-media-marketing1Make Your Profiles Better – Your profiles on social media are static and will help you tremendously with reaching your audience. Create profiles with the idea that your audience will read them and focus the information on what they want and need to know.

Use the Right Images – The image you use gets attention. Make sure it’s the right size for the social networks you want to share it on. You may have to use different sizes for each network, but you’ll be glad you made the extra effort. Watermark your images to help people find you if your post gets separated from your image.

Use Creative and Compelling Hashtags – One way to ensure that you can find posts later is to use hashtags. It is also a good way to add additional information about the topic for those who are choosing what to consume.
Optimizing social media campaigns will ensure that you get a lot of traffic and conversions from your social media marketing efforts. Plus, taking the time to work on optimization will better engage and thrill your audience as your offerings appear more valuable.


Guest Blogger, Emma Trotter

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