Sell Software IT the Smart Effective Way!!!

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How to Sell Software IT the Smart Effective Way!!!
  1.        First of all, show Customers You Understand Their Pain
    •          This draws them in to you
    •          You become a thought leader, and expert
    •          Build a relationship


  1.        Also, find Your Place In Their Business Vision
    •          This turns your IT product or service from a want to a NEED
    •          The ability to charge more; increase fees
    •          Create a superior product/service


  1.        Another technique – include A Video Of How Your Product Works 
    •          Easier to educate complex technology
    •          Reduces travel cost and other expenses
    •          Can be used as a follow up


  1.        And market Across Channels
    •          Never put all of your eggs in One basket
    •          There 7.4 Billion people in the world and everyone pays attention to something different
    •          You want to be everywhere your potential customers are


  1.        Finally, use Direct Marketing
    •          Generate a specific response from your ideal clients
    •          Focus limited resources where they are most likely to produce results
    •          Measure success of campaigns accurately by analysis response
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