How2️⃣Get Clients 4️⃣Your IT Business Even If You Don’t Have⏳Time⏲To Do Business Development

Business development is key to your IT business. If you have made it this far in business without doing any concentrated business development or marketing, it is a matter of time before you go out of business. The cracking sound you hear under your feet is the ice cracking. Check out some tactics and strategies you can do right now, to develop business even if you BELIEVE you do not have time to do so.

Priority Management

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. What most do with those 24 hours are often wasted on “flurries of activity.” You obviously understand this or you wouldn’t be reading this content. In order to get some business development done and grow your software IT business you need to make it a priority and schedule time to do so. If you do not make time or prioritize your day for specific activities, your day will be filled with other wasted activity. So first, you need to become a master of Priority Management. At some point of your day, there should be specific time set aside and scheduled to perform business development duties.


Another way to overcome not having enough time for business development is to maximize referrals from existing clients. There are 3 strategies you could use to get more referrals.

  • Condition of Doing Business
  • Discount in Exchange of Doing Business
  • The Way for you to make more money

Leverage Social Media

The next tactic to develop business is to use social media to build your brand and increase familiarity. Now there are plenty of ways to do this using social media, but the best action to take for someone with limited time is sharing content on social sites that is engaging, entertaining, or informative. The best part of social media is that you can generate massive awareness to a targeted audience by committing to being active, growing your network, and sharing content.

Digital Marketing

This next strategy is my favorite, because it is what I do most of the time and I think I am great at it. There are 5 things you want to do to develop business in the most effective way possible;

  • First, design your strategy
  • Next, analyze where you stand
  • Then, determine your ideal client
  • Lastly, execute


If you feel a bit overwhelmed and feel that you would be better off having an expert perform such duties, check out this short case study on what I do and how I have been helping other software IT firms get a handle on their business development and grow their business. If you want to make your IT business sustainable and grow and not be dependent on referrals and want a system that attracts customers with predictability, then click here or visit me at my
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