Do You Know Your??Ideal Customer??For Your Software Business??


Knowing who your ideal customer is determines (or should determine) everything from the features and functionality of the product or service you build, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into in your marketing.

You actually get to choose your customers. You get to choose who you want to do business with. So creating an Ideal Customer Profile isn’t limiting… it’s empowering!

In fact, if you don’t choose who you want to do business with, your customers will choose you… and they may very well be less-than-Ideal.

  • So who do you want to respond to your marketing efforts?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Who is your current customers?
  • Who is your best customers?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself.

As you begin to answer these questions and investigate you want to discover any type of commonalities. For example: you may find that majority of your customers are CTOs of fortune 500s in a particular industry, or that your best clients are those looking for security with their cloud services. These are things you want to determine and identify.

If you are a new start-up and do not have a backlog to investigate, do some market analysis. You can check trade associations or competitors to get an idea of who your market is.

The idea is to identify who is likely to be hungriest, most eager, most receptive, is readily and affordably reachable, and that they’ll enjoy doing business with you.

If you fail to identify who your ideal client is for your IT business….

  • You will be conforming to what the majority of average software IT companies do
  • You will be prohibited from rising above the average revenue for you company
  • You will be vulnerable to commoditization, competition, income disruption by recession, and other adverse circumstances.

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