5 Reasons Why IT Businesses Struggle Getting In Front Of Potential Clients!!!

If you are like some IT companies that I call “The Unequipped” you occasionally ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. “How do I find more people who are interested in buying what I sell?”
  2. “How do I make people genuinely interested in buying (without being salesy)?
  3. “How can I do it again and again so that I can build a 5, 6, or 7 figure business?”

The reason why most software and IT companies struggle with getting clients is because of the following:

  • IT businesses do not market at all
    • These businesses rely on luck, hope, and/or referrals
    • They join B&I groups, Chamber of Commerce, and other networking groups explaining what they do, hoping others see the value in their product
    • Just do not have the resources
  • Too busy servicing existing clients
    • These software companies are truly innovative and really understand the importance of a customer and going above & beyond for them
    • Business development usually falls on the CEO who is wearing too many hats to dedicate his valuable time marketing and developing business
    • By the time it is at the end of the day, they may make some half-effort to reach out to someone on LinkedIn, or do some cold calling of a lead they met 5 weeks ago
  • They market to everyone so they end up not marketing to potential customers
    • These IT companies make an effort to market but they do not understand the importance of market research or who their ideal client is
    • They are looking for the CTO of a Food & Facilities Company with no more than 10,000 employees, but they spend much of their time taking account managers too expensive lunches trying to build relationships
    • They fail to understand that less is indeed more and if they would take a step back to identify a common theme among their current customers, they would realize who their best customer is and how to speak directly to that ideal customer
  • Their message sucks
    • A huge problem in the IT industry is that the businesses realize that the average person has no clue what a yoyo mode, TMI, or Just-in-time (JIT) means so they try to sell facts instead of features
    • All content needs to be aimed at the problem your technology solves and what it means for the customer
    • Customers do not care the average bandwidth speeds all the customer cares about is their problem, results, and how quickly can you get them their
  • They do not invest money to create a customer
    • If you have a business and cannot afford to pay to get a customer, YOU DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS
    • The IT businesses who are growing at a constant rate, know to the dollar how much it costs to generate a customer.
    • They have marketing and automotive systems that produce and attract leads and potential clients with predictability and demand.


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