Struggling To Get Clients Because You Are Too Busy Serving The Ones You Currently Have?

If you’re like a lot of IT consulting firms & CEOs, your plate is full. Very full.

You’ve got projects to run, a business to manage, and a personal life. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day.

Your daily to-do list is packed with a number of priorities:

  • Meet with a client
  • Review a proposal
  • Interview candidates for a position
  • Discuss quarterly sales targets
  • Call your accountant


Here are a couple of ways to still market despite having the time or resources…

  • Create a schedule for writing one blog post per week
    • Transform you blogs into eBooks
    • Republish all blogs on social sites where your ideal clients play
    • Schedule time to speak to these blogs in a video format
  • Share content published by your prospects
    • Set up RSS feeds of your ideal clients
    • Subscribe to your local Business Book of Lists
    • Reach out to prospects about current events, media spots, and news; build a relationship
  • Get the entire agency tweeting
    • Use a tool such as GaggleAmp or send weekly emails with click-to-tweet links
    • Gamify social shares = equals free promotion and builds internal morale
    • People trust friends an employees over brands and CEOs
  • Use your email signature to drive leads and engagement
    • Great tool like “Wisestamp”
    • Use a link to your blog & landing page
    • Include link to latest webinar, blog, client testimonial
  • Create email templates for contacting prospects
    • Save in evernote, drop box, google drive
    • Use a KISS method
    • Should be reaching out to 5 prospects daily

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